What I’m Reading: Elizabeth Gilberts “Big Magic”

What do Emma Roberts and I have in common? We both are currently reading this book! “Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert the author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. This book is about finding the bravery to let your creative self thrive. What I am most enjoying about this book is that it is not just for the professional artist or entrepreneur, the principles she explores are really applicable in all areas of life.


I have always been a creative person and a bit of a perfectionist at times, and one of the key ideas that stood out for me was her emphasis on creating for the sake of creating. Oftentimes its easy in this Capitalism driving world we live in that if it doesn’t make money(and lots of it) its not worthwhile. In this book Gilbert challenges that notion and says just do it, even if your not that great at it, or it won’t be a means to support you financially, or no one else gets it. Just do it because it brings you satisfaction of expressing your personal inspirations.

That idea was very motivating to me. I don’t know how many times my soaping has stalled because I worried about how well things were going, or getting an idea perfect, or feeling like small detail was holding me back. This was a nice wake up kick in the pants to just do the things that make me glad to be alive more than worrying about the “what ifs.”

Are there any projects, great ideas, or life goals you have been putting off? What motivates you to get creative?

Here’s a great video of Elizabeth Gilbert discussing her book, and some of the ideas from it with Marie Forleo(whom I also like but more on that in a later post). Enjoy!


Why I started making Handmade Soaps: A spotlight on Amadora Soaps

In 2010 after a particularly bad episode of psoriasis, I made some handmade soaps in an effort to alleviate the dryness and discomfort I was experiencing with other store brand soaps. Little did I know I would find a such a fun craft I could share with others. Here’s a little background info on what makes Amadora so special.

Amadora in latin means “gift of love” and that is what these soaps are to me. I would like these soaps to be a kind of daily retreat,  a little gift to customers to put a big smile on their faces. My motto is  Live, Love, Laugh.. & Lather!

If you want learn more or try it yourself check out my shop on Etsy