Quick and Easy Meals: Flatbread Pizza

She loves it!

She loves it!

Mealtime is seriously one of my least favorite task. I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline the process. Having some easy go to meals are crucial for me when it comes to getting everything done some days. One of these meals is the flat bread pizza. All you need is the flatbread, sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you like.

Ready for the oven

Ready for the oven

I buy the greek flatbread at my local supermarket for around $3.00 which comes in packs of 5 or 6, and get some regular tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. My kids palate is pretty basic so this is all they like on top of their pizza but its really anything goes.  This is a go to snack for me for the children when they get out of school or lunch on the weekends. It takes very little prep and cook time, just top the flatbread with the sauce cheese and toppings, then drop it in the oven(on a cooking sheet if you like the bread softer, without if you like it crispier)for about 15 min or until cheese melts and crust is browned.  I’ve made this for myself with pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce and veggies like spinach and  broccoli. Its just really convenient when you don’t have much time or energy.20150927_144133

If your in the mood for some extra bonding time, the children always like to “make” the pizza themselves and it’s still pretty quick and minimal mess. What are some of your favorite “go-to” meals?


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